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Different Types of Ankles Fractures

There are different types of ankle fractures, consisting of partial and complete. A partial break refers to a bone that is slightly cracked, as its name implies. A thorough fracture is a complete break, and the bone ends up in two pieces. Many broken ankles are treated by wearing a cast or a protective boot, and this is often adequate in providing the necessary support as the healing process occurs. For severe fractures, surgery may be required to ensure complete healing. This is advised if the bones are displaced, or tendons and ligaments are torn. There may be metal pins, screws, or plates inserted in the foot that hold the bones in place as the ankle heals, and possibly removed at a later date if necessary. Patients have found mild relief when the affected foot is frequently elevated, and mild pain relievers may be suggested for pain and discomfort. If you have fractured your ankle, please schedule an appointment with a chiropodist sooner rather than later who can recommend the treatment option that is correct for you.

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