Alice Leung

Emily has been my chiropodist for the past few years. Always amazing level of care given!

Romana Mirza

I have always had exceptional service at Thornhill Foot Clinic. They are punctual and keep the place very clean. Emily is a joy to chat with and she keeps me on my toes (pun intended, hehe). The fact they are associated with a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice came in very handy for me when I was experiencing extreme pain due to osteoarthritis. I went for TCM treatments (herbs and acupuncture) which really helped. I've been seeing Emily for years and will continue to do so for years to come! I have also referred many friends and family to her, all whom have stuck with her.

Barb N

Excellent care. Punctual, friendly, foot care is excellent and my issues have resolved with regular visits to Emily. Very knowledgeable and I highly recommend Thornhill Foot Care and the reminders about upcoming appointments:)

Kevin Wong

Had some really nagging foot pains ever since I started hiking and walking alot during the pandemic to lose weight. Didn't think much of it until it got to the point where it was quite bothersome and went to see Dr. Yu about it. Turns out I had quite a few problems (some from birth and some accumulated over time) that I wasn't aware of and was slowly chipping away at my foot and leg health over the years. After some custom orthotics and therapy, my pain has all but gone away! Great expertise and great support from Dr. Yu. Highly recommend that you go and see her if you are suffering in silence. Totally worth it!

Joan Temple Porter

I have been receiving excellent treatment over quite a long time after doing some damage to my foot with a large garden spade! Treatment has been keeping my feet healthy and mobile. I heartily recommend this clinic which is kept very clean and hygienic. The chiropodists are highly trained and use only the best therapeutic equipment.

Danny Lachminarayan

Emily works magic!

G Yue

I have been suffering from foot pain on and off for many years and have gone to other clinics with limited results. After coming here, I learned so much more about my foot condition and the treatments have helped tremendously. I am able to walk a lot more and for a lot longer now without feeling the pain that I had suffered from before.

Sepideh D

I had to cancel my appointment but the receptionist was very nice and friendly and told me the name of my doctor for my appointment beforehand. Hope she has a great day!


Excellent service, both the receptionist and the doctor. Dr. Marie is very thorough, kind, understanding, and made the experience very pleasant. Would highly recommend and consult them with any foot issues.


Great staff and professional service, very clean/safe clinic, convenient location with lots of free parking. Highly recommended for the utmost in quality foot care.

Amar Teli

This is a very professional, clean and accommodating foot clinic. . I was fortunate to find Dr. Emily who helped me treat a long suffered painful ingrown tail nail. She carries a great depth of knowledge, is a pleasure to deal with and helped me every step of the way to a cured pain free toenail. Thank you Emily!

Mary Caputo

I highly recommend anyone with feet or leg issues to book an appointment with Emily. She is extremely professional, a joy to visit and knows how to help you. She runs a 1st class office and it's always a pleasure to see her because she's very knowledgeable in her work. A Big Thank you Emily for helping me!!

Kenneth Tsao

Effective treatment of Prolonged Pain from Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Emily Yu examined my foot thoroughly before diagnosing my long suffered medical condition. She provided detail explanations of the condition of my L. Plantar Faciitis and treatment options. I was at first very skeptical about the effectiveness of treatments which seemed short and costly, but keen on ordering a pair of orthotics. Turns out, the treatment she provided has remarkable result. I noticed improvement before receiving my orthotics. Together with the ongoing treatments and the right orthotic, my 2 year old Plantar Fasciitis was almost completely gone within 6 months. Of course I wish it had go away in 2 days, but its not realistic. Dr. Yu helped me understand the situation and setting the right expectation.

I think Dr. Emily Yu is a very caring, very patient and an effective medical professional, I will definitely return every year for checkup and treatments.

Thanks Dr Yu, you have made my life much happier!

Anna Botelho

After experiencing extreme foot pain (especially in my right foot, and diagnosed as Neuroma) I was fortunate to have found Dr. Emily Yu, the chiropodist at Thornhill Foot Clinic. She has been helping me tremendously with foot mobilisation technique since March this year. I also ordered custom orthotic devices, and orthotic footwear from her, and my feet feel great! Highly recommend her for all of your footcare needs!

Fred Braun

Emily Yu was on maternity leave but Marie Fragakis was able to see me immediately. She was extremely helpful with treatment and advice for my calluses and corns caused by hammer toes.

ozan durukan

Very good ingrown toenail treatment by Karen. She was very good and the office and the tools she was using were very clean. Definitely recommend anyone who needs foot treatment.

Lily Zhang

Caring and Professional. I would highly recommend if you have any foot issues. Emily was very gentle and was able to resolve my painful ingrown toenail.

Seyed Ghafari

Hello everyone, I have visited Thornhill foot clinic, I would just want to say i f you are looking fro a professional Chiropodist contact this clinic and ask only for Marie, she is very knowledgeable, Fantastic, also the front desk receptionist is phenomenal too.

David Korenberg

I have been going for years and have had nothing but great experiences. Fixed many of my issues including ingrown toenails and more. Like

Rainraey Co

Amazing staff, professional service. Been using them for years. Highly recommended.

Rainraey Co

Amazing staff, professional service. Been using them for years. Highly recommended.

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