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Choosing the Right Running Shoe

Finding the right shoes to run in can be a headache. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine exactly the right type of running shoes for you. This is where your chiropodist can help. In addition to taking into consideration the type of running you will be doing, it’s also very important to buy running shoes that cater to the individual needs of your feet. 

There are many individual foot differences that can have a bearing on which types of running shoes to buy. Your gait, or walking pattern, may require certain specifications to ensure the safest and efficient running possible. A chiropodist can perform a gait analysis to determine your needs. Generally, people’s gaits can be normal, overpronated, or underpronated. Having an overpronated gait means that the foot rolls too far inwards while you walk or run. This can be mitigated by choosing stability running shoes. Having an underpronated gait means that the foot rolls too far outwards while walking or running. This can be helped by choosing shoes with neutral cushioning. 

In general, it’s suggested that you shop for shoes in person in the late afternoon or evening. Shopping in person will allow you to try on and test out the shoes. You would also be able to get assistance from a store associate, who could measure your feet and provide recommendations. Shopping later in the day is suggested because your feet naturally swell throughout the day and are at their largest in the late afternoon and early evening. Your feet also naturally swell while you run. By fitting your feet when they are at their largest, you can ensure that they will fit properly throughout the day. 

For more information about how to find the best running shoes for you, please consult with a chiropodist.

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